Comunicação segura entre celulares via App

KAYMERA Technologies
Mobile Threat Defense Solution – SaaS Model


This document describes Kaymera’s product portfolio of innovative mobile defense technology.

Kaymera was founded in 2013 by veterans in the cybersecurity industry with in-depth knowledge
and expertise in mobile cybersecurity and cyber-attack methods.

Kaymera’s solutions deliver the world’s most advanced mobile cyber defense technology, designed
to protect organizations, governments, and professionals against all mobile security threats with
military grade mobile cyber defense enhanced user experience.

Kaymera’s mobile defense solutions are already deployed globally both in governments and
commercial organizations.

Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive experience in the mobile security industry, and
successful relationships with customers. It is based on innovation and expertise in cyber defense
technology and constant updates of security threats.

Our products include:

  • CipherFort Secure Device Solution, a best of bread military-grade mobile security solution for data protection.
  • CipherWatch Adaptive Mobile Threat Defense (AMTD), a robust, enterprisecentric, risk-based, contextual and privacy aware mobile security solution, with secure communication application for iOS and Kaymera users for cross-platform support.
  • CipherBond, Kaymera’s secure communication application allows to communicate securely across platforms between users of Kaymera’s secured device and Android/iOS applications.
  • Cyber Command Center, Management Console that displays real-time information of the organization’s security status: usage statistics, devices risk level, system messages and real-time alerts and device attacks.

App de Comunicacao Segura CIPHERBOND

Kaymera’s secure communication application allows communicating securely across platforms
between users of Kaymera’s secured device and Android/iOS applications.
The following sections describe secure communication functionalities.


All calls between Kaymera application or between Kaymera devices to Kaymera application are fully
authenticated and encrypted. The call initiator, upon raising a request to connect to another system
node in an encrypted manner, generates a session key to be used for voice communication
encryption over IP during that specific session. It then sends this key to the other party over an
encrypted channel (SIP/TLS 1.2) utilizing the PKI cryptosystem in place (encrypted using the other
party's public key). This session key (Symmetric, AES 256) is then used throughout that session.
Upon call termination, it is deleted. This protects both ends of the conversation against any type
of close proximity or switch level voice interception systems. When communicating with an-
Kaymera devices or application, a half-way encryption mechanism with the same cryptographic
characteristics can be enforced, protecting only the Kaymera device or application end of the
conversation against those various interception systems. In that case, the application establishes
a fully authenticated and encrypted voice over IP connection with a media server in the cloud
(either owned by the organization or using Kaymera's cloud services). The encryption is terminated
at that point and voice is forwarded, using an optimized third-party SIP Trunk partner, to the
receiving non-Kaymera user in a non-secured manner. The application automatically selects the
most secure method of calling and alerts the user to the security level of the call.

Secure Calling features:

  • Easy to use interface - The application adheres to Android and iOS UI guidelines to provide the intuitive experience to any OS.
  • Secure conference call with up to 3 secure contacts.
  • Semi-secure calls with non-Kaymera users
  • Support enterprise address book; a separate list of secure contacts.
  • Using regular phone numbers without the need to use dedicated usernames.
  • Protecting against eavesdropping and malicious networks. Preventing the application to run when a malicious activity is detected. Detection of jailbreak, rooted devices, and suspicious networks.
  • Kaymera’s infrastructure supports encrypted voice calls between Kaymera devices and compatible IP-based landline devices.
  • End-to-end secure calls using regular phone numbers.
  • Full integration with the user device existing contact list.


Employees are using instant messaging applications for daily use to communicate and share
documentation with colleagues and customers, usually by using non secured instant messaging
applications. Kaymera provides a secure easy to use and easy to deploy the application to secure
employee’s chat communication. Kaymera’s application supports sending and receiving of
encrypted messages. The comprehensive encrypted messaging service supports a variety of
messaging options, including sending and receiving secure text, documents, media and usage of
encrypted self-destructing messages that leave no trace on the server, or the sending and receiving
sides. Secured encrypted messages can either be sent peer-to-peer, leveraging the PKI
cryptosystem in place, or use group messaging to create secured group conversations as part of
the restricted communication network.

Main messaging features:

  • Secure document sharing
  • Secure group messaging
  • Self-distracting text messages and images
  • One to one secure text